About Us

http://nesound.com/MATRA.html Our Signature Service is offering a Personal Tour Guide (PTG) to Colorado visitors that are interested in seeing the sights and learning about Colorado’s Cannabis Culture. 

http://ciklinlubitz.com/attorney/trudy-dodson/ Our PTG’s will be happy to meet you wherever you are, and we’d love to pick you up at the airport on your way into town to make your stay as stress-free as possible!

We’re based in the Denver/Boulder area and also have PTG’s in the Ski areas along I-70 to accommodate your needs.  All of our PTG’s are Colorado MMJ cardholders and cannabis enthusiasts who are very generous with our guests, which is perfectly legal.


PTG Tours can be arranged by the hour or by the trip.  If you are visiting Colorado and want the lowdown, our standard 2-hour tour with a PTG will probably suit you just fine.  We can accommodate groups of any size.

PTG: The fee for a Personal Tour Guide in the Denver area is $150 per person/$125 per person with groups of 2 or more. In the Denver area the tour lasts approximately 2 hours. Guests are requested to provide their own sober ground transportation or reserve it through ColoradoGreenTours.com to ensure everyone’s safety. Sedans with drivers accommodating up to 3-4 passengers (our guide sits in front) are $150 for 2 hours and larger or multiple vehicles are available–up to motor-coach-sized buses accommodating up to 55 passengers.

PTG Day Tours: If you or your group would like a PTG for more than 2 hours, call for pricing and scheduling options.

PTG EVENTS: If you or your group is planning an outing or trip like Skiing, Snowboarding, hiking/mountain climbing, hot air balloon rides, glider rides–SO FUN!–or any other event, we can arrange to have a PTG accompany your group.  We can also assist in Event Planning including: venue selection, catering, furnishings, decorations, refreshments/bar services, ground transportation, event lodging, security, hosting, live entertainment from DJ’s to bands to instrumentals of any genre, and event management services.  Call for pricing.